Please enter the practitioner name, last 4 digits of the Social Security Number, Date of Birth and select the Facility. Next enter your name, title and address. Then press the ‘Click Here to Search’ button. This will search for the practitioner and display a practitioner verification letter with your name, title and address.

If you are unable to locate a physician, please send a written request, including consent, to: Northwell Health, Medical Staff Services, 600 Community Drive, Suite 304, Manhasset, New York, 11030. Or if you have questions, please call (516) 823-8855 or email at

If you require practitioner competency assessments, we ask you to send these requests directly to the appropriate department for completion. This will improve the timeliness of the departmental response. For facility contact information please visit:

Disclaimer and Confidentiality Notice
Due to the high volume of requests, this verification service is provided as a convenience to expedite the credentialing process. By accessing this site, you acknowledge the information provided is confidential and that you have the proper release from the physician/allied heath practitioner to obtain such information.